Commercial and Promotional

I have a wide range of characters and emotions that can convey the perfect sentiment of your message.


"Hi, you have reached the office of X.  For office hours, press one.  For directions, press two..."  Looking for a pleasant voice to greet your customers?  I have years of experience in this.

Services for the Hearing Impaired

Does your company need to create manuals or products for the hearing impaired.  Let my voice help you.

Podcast Color Commentary

Want to add dialog to your podcast?  I can add commentary and point/counterpoint interest to attract more listeners to your podcast.

Audio Books

Have a book you authored but aren't sure if you have the right voice for an audio book?  I can help you with that!


From animation, to a documentary, to educational learning services, I can provide that special tone to your project.



Hear examples of my work and see feedback I have received from my clients.